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The Halo Ring Setting:
What Is It and When to Choose It

Looking to make a statement with your engagement ring design?

The halo setting is a lavish choice that combines a classic style with a modern twist. Furthermore, it is incredibility versatile and easy to customize to your liking.

1.2 CT Pear shaped diamond center stone set in clawless halo with round diamonds. Featuring a second row of diamonds on the side of the halo, with a 3 sided pave shank on a platinum mount.

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What is a Halo Ring Setting?

A halo setting has a ring of small in-line accent diamonds (also known as pavé diamonds) circling the larger center stone of an engagement ring.

The halo can either follow the same shape as the center stone, or they can differ based on your preferences and style.

This setting gives an enlarged appearance to your center stone, which can help keep your budget in tact when shopping for an engagement ring.

A halo setting is also a great choice if you’re looking for a show stopping sparkle thanks to the added pavé diamonds.

Fun Fact: The halo setting was first introduced in the 1920s and is a current celebrity featured favourite!

What are the Advantages and Considerations of Selecting a Halo Setting?

We always recommend working with a professional diamond setter who will work through some of the potential challenges of selecting a halo setting style for your engagement ring. If done correctly, the below mentions should not be concerns.


A halo setting is the perfect combination of a classic style with a modern twist – giving you the best of both worlds

It gives an enlarged appearance to your center stone/center diamond – making a visual statement and allowing you to get a better perceived value with you budget

It adds carat weight to your total carat weight count – thanks to the added pavé stones

The halo setting offers added safekeeping to your center stone by protecting any vulnerable points with the outer halo


With the added halo, it can be difficult to pair with a wedding band

The pavé diamonds on the halo may be more susceptible to trauma and wear, potentially leading to loosen diamonds

Slightly more difficult to clean with the added nooks and crannies

What are the Different Types of Halo Settings and Emerging Trends?

Being a top selection amongst engagement ring shoppers, the the halo engagement ring setting has seen some emerging trends and style variations in recent years. Here are some of the most inspirational styles of a halo setting.

0.64 CT Round brilliant cut diamond set in 4 talon claws. Surrounded by a double halo of round diamonds in u-setting. Accented by a ribbon style shank with u-set diamonds. The mount is made in 14k rose and 14k white gold.

The Double Halo

Why have one when you can have two?

The double halo setting is an extension of the original halo concept, however instead of one ring of pavé stones around the center stone, there are two.

The double halo adds extra depth and dimension to the ring, creating the illusion of a ripple effect that draws the eye in.

This design is perfect for those who love a lot of sparkle and want to make a bold statement with their jewelry.

The Clawless Halo

Want nothing obstructing the view of your center diamond?

The clawless halo is created by lowering the center stone into the halo and uses the pavé stones to hold your diamond in place.

This ensures that no metal claws take away from your diamond’s brilliance and maintains a low profile.

0.62 CT Round brilliant cut diamond center stone set in a clawless halo with diamonds. Accented by a ribbon style shank with u-set diamonds in a 14k white gold mount.

The Star Halo/Floral Halo

A star halo setting and a floral halo setting, both incorporate a variation in shapes and sizing of the pavé diamonds that make up the halo surrounding the center stone.

These small changes can transform the appearance of an engagement ring, to mimic the appearance of a flower with rounded pavé stones or a star with a more distinctive edge, depending on your selection.

Both the star and floral halo add a vintage and dainty touch, to an otherwise classic design.

The Hidden Halo

If you like a more understated halo design, the hidden halo may be right for you!

A hidden halo combines two types of setting styles; the prong setting and the halo setting.

The halo in this instance lies below the center stone, either at the base of the ring where the prongs would start like a collar or a single row of pavé diamonds are set on the gallery bar of the ring.

Though the halo is not visible from the top view, the placement helps bring more sparkle from the side, like a hidden surprise!

Not done browsing halo designs? Check out our portfolio to see some of our latest completed pieces.

What Cuts Work Best with a Halo Setting?

The most popular diamond cuts selected with a halo setting are; round or cushion. However, just because they’re the most popular does not mean that you’re limited to only those two options.

Here are the top recommended diamond cuts;

Round Cut Vector


Cushion Cut Vector


Oval Cut Vector


Square Cut Vector


Radiant Cut Vector


Emerald Cut Vector


Pear Cut Vector


Heart Cut Vector


Marquise Cut Vector


How to Customize a Halo Setting?

As you’ve seen from the emerging trends, the halo setting style offers many opportunities to customize and to have your personality shine through. Here are some other considerations when conceptualizing your engagement ring;

Play with Different Angles

Though the classic halo setting is round, it doesn’t mean you’re limited to a rounded look.

You can opt to have different shapes between your center stone and your halo.

A great example of this concept is the modern vintage halo setting.

A single row of small diamonds of graduating sizes set around the center stone. This style can elongate the look of the center stone, while adding some visual interest on a classic ring.

Add Dazzling Dimension

At Atelier Dacko, we specialize in the Double Clawless halo.

This customization adds a secondary halo set at a 90-degree angle from the clawless halo for an extra dimensional effect.

Never worry about prongs getting in the way of your sparkle, since there are no claws holding in the center stone giving the ring a seamless flow.

Consider a Unique Shank

Add some personality to your band, by exploring some fun options such as;

A split shank is where the band splits into two as it leads to the center stone. This adds for more opportunity to add pavé diamonds to your engagement ring.

A twist shank is also a fun option, as the metal on the band is intertwined as it twists and turns creating a vine look.

Incorporate Colour with Gemstones

Who says diamonds are the only choice? Not us!

If you’re looking to change it up, try incorporating gemstones into your design.

You could either include it in the pavé setting in your halo, or as your main stone!

Are you inspired to create your own halo setting design? Ask about these options in your consultation!

How to Care for Your Halo Setting?

Take the proper measures to ensure your ring stays in top shape.

At Home Care

Dirt and debris from everyday wear can get wedged into the nooks and crannies of your halo setting ring, causing your diamonds or precious stones to look dull overtime.

It is recommended that you clean your engagement ring multiple times a year to keep it looking brilliant. Follow the below steps for easy at-home care;

Step 1: Get a bowl of lukewarm water and mix in a small amount of dish soap. It’s important that you stay away from any chlorine-based cleaner, as to avoid a chemical reaction with your ring.

Step 2: Place your ring into the soapy mixture and let it soak for a few minutes to help breakdown the built-up debris.

Step 3: Using a soft-bristle brush, gently brush the all sides of your ring. Continue until you’re happy with the result.

Step 4: Grab a lint-free cloth to dry your ring once you’re done. This will help to ensure no watermarks are left on your halo setting ring.

Schedule a Six-Month Professional Cleaning & Checkup

Scheduling some time with us on a bi-annual basis is a good way to ensure your halo setting stands the test of time.

We will inspect your jewelry piece for any weaknesses or trauma, making sure that the precious stones are not moving and ensure that your ring remains in a state of strong structural integrity.

Email us: patrick@atelierdacko.com