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The Three-Stone Setting: The Full Guide

Looking to add some extra meaning behind your engagement ring design?

The three-stone setting design is said to be the most romantic choice by couples. See how this design combines meaning and beauty.

0.94 CT Oval Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

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What is a Three-Stone Engagement Ring Setting and What Does it Represent?

A three-stone setting, also known as trinity or trilogy setting, has three diamonds or gemstones closely placed side-by-side on a single band. In a traditional design, the center stone would be slightly larger in size and is wedged in between two smaller ones on either side of the same cut.

The three stones are said to represent the past, present and future of a couple’s relationship.

Though the three-stone engagement ring is typically represented with three diamonds, another popular choice is to incorporate the birthstones of the bride and groom as the smaller stones on the side.

Fun Fact: The three-stone engagement ring was originally introduced in 2001 and were marketed as anniversary gifts!

What are the Advantages and Considerations of Selecting a Three-Stone Setting?

We always recommend working with a professional diamond setter who will work through some of the potential challenges of selecting a three-stone setting style for your engagement ring. If done correctly, the below mentions should not be concerns.


Given the meaning behind the three stones, this setting can be highly symbolic for a couple

Allows for many design and customization options

More diamonds, more sparkle – the three stones make a cohesive impression, making the diamonds or gemstones look larger


More cleaning maintenance – since there are more stones on the ring, a three-stone setting creates more area where dirt and debris can get wedged

The side stones can take away from the center stone if paired poorly. When designing your ring consider if you want the center stone to out-shine the others

Traditionally, the diamonds will sit higher up – which may cause the ring to catch on fabric

What are the Different Types of Three-Stone Settings and Emerging Trends?

The three-stone setting became very popular within recent years, but before you decide on this setting for yourself have a look at the different styles and trends of this setting.

The Traditional Graduation

The most common structural type of three-stone ring is the traditional graduation.

In the traditional graduation three-stone engagement ring setting, the center stone carat weight would equal to the combined carat weight of the two side stones.

This offers a symmetrical, well balanced weighted look to the ring, while keeping the focus centered to the largest stone.

Equally Sized Stones

A budget friendly option is the equally sized stone design. In this three-stone setting type, the overall desired carat weight is divided equally amongst the three chosen diamonds or gemstones.

This type creates a very different look and feel from the traditional graduation style. Instead of having the attention focused on the main stone, this style makes an all-around statement!

We dare you to focus on just one diamond. We sure couldn’t.

The Diamond and Gemstone Blend

A more recent take on the three-stone setting, is the inclusion of both diamonds and gemstones!

Maybe you want a ring just like Meghan Markle, or maybe you just really love sapphires.

Whatever your reason to incorporate specious stones into your design, we’re here for it!

Not done browsing three-stone designs? Check out our portfolio to see some of our latest completed creations.

What Cuts Work Best a Three-Stone Setting?

If you’re looking to create a traditional three-stone setting engagement ring, the most popular diamond cuts selected are; emerald, princess, oval, round or cushion. However, when working with a custom jeweller you’re not limited the popular options.

Here are the top recommended diamond cuts for a traditional design;

Round Cut Vector


Cushion Cut Vector


Oval Cut Vector


Square Cut Vector


Radiant Cut Vector


Emerald Cut Vector


Pear Cut Vector


Marquise Cut Vector



Here are the top recommended diamond cut combos for a non-traditional design;

- Emerald cut with baguette cut side stones
- Cushion cut with round cut side stones
- Cushion cut with pear cut side stones
- Cushion cut with half moon side stones

How to Customize a Three-Stone Setting?

Working with a custom jeweller allows for ample opportunities to add character and personal style into your jewelry design. Here are some considerations when conceptualizing your engagement ring;

Add a Halo or Three

While a three-stone ring is a showstopper on its own, an up-and-coming trend with this setting design is to incorporate the much-loved effect of the halo on all three stones.

This combo creates the ultimate sparkle in a three-stone halo design.

Play with Different Shapes

In the classic three-stone setting, all the stones are of the same cut – creating the gradual cohesive appearance.

When customizing you’re never limited to classic styles. You can opt for different stone shapes for the two side stones to bring a more centered focus to your design or incorporate more vintage flairs by integrating rounded symmetry to your design.

Layer in Meaningful Gemstones

One of the most common customizations requested is to include meaningful birthstones into the three-stone setting design.

Many couples enjoy including their own birthstones into the design or others opt to pay tribute to a family member by including their birthstones in their memory.

This can add additional symbolism into your creation.

Create an Edgy Design with Baguette Stones

Get a bolder and edgier look to your design by opting for baguette side stones.

These long, rectangular or tapered shaped stones are a perfect choice if you want to keep the center stone as the main focal point in your engagement ring design.

The baguette cut being part of the same family as the Emerald cut, has visibly defined facets and make a sharp statement.

Are you inspired to create your own three-stone setting design? Ask about these options in your consultation and see how you can get a custom ring!

How to Care for Your Three-Stone Setting?

Take the proper measures to ensure your ring stays in top shape.

At Home Care

Dirt and debris from everyday wear can get wedged into the curves of your three-stone setting ring, causing your diamond to look dull overtime.

It is recommended that you clean your engagement ring multiple times a year to keep it looking brilliant. Follow the below steps for easy at-home care;

Step 1: Get a bowl of lukewarm water and mix in a small amount of dish soap. It’s important that you stay away from any chlorine-based cleaner, as to avoid a chemical reaction with your ring.

Step 2: Place your ring into the soapy mixture and let it soak for a few minutes to help breakdown the built-up debris.

Step 3: Using a soft-bristle brush, gently brush the all sides of your ring. Continue until you’re happy with the result.

Step 4: Grab a lint-free cloth to dry your ring once you’re done. This will help to ensure no watermarks are left on your three-stone setting ring.

Schedule a Six-Month Professional Cleaning & Checkup

Scheduling some time with us on a bi-annual basis is a good way to ensure your three-stone setting stands the test of time.

We will inspect your jewelry piece for any weaknesses or trauma, making sure that the diamonds or precious stones are not moving. We ensure that your ring remains in a state of strong structural integrity and don’t require additional attention.

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